Theatre West


Autumn 2015 saw Theatre West producing 5 new plays in 6 venues in 3 cities.


By Theo Scholefield
Directed by Nancy Medina

Jordan is fit, strong and agile. He’s used to taking control and getting his way. That’s how he got through school - where he first met the love of his life - and through basic training. Out in the desert, in an overheating army barracks, Jordan and Dean form an unlikely, doomed brotherhood. But when Jordan is forced to return to his hometown with an injured leg, he finds that the real fight is on his doorstep, and the real wilderness is in his head.

Dogtag is a brutal, time-bending new play about family, power, and the lengths you’ll go to get what you want.

Dogtag was preceded by a short play
Week one Colonies by Ben Callon
Week two Aled by Tabitha Mortiboy

Kingdom of the Icebear

By Martin Malcolm
Directed by Anna Girvan

A November night in a sleepy Somerset town and in a shed a monster stirs. A switch is flicked, a generator thuds and suddenly the freezing dark is ablaze. Welcome to Carnival Night. The night when small towns get to have it large, when tinsel leviathans lumber down the narrow streets and when wanderers return.

On this, the shiniest night of the year, at the heart of one family something dark is lurking.

Kingdom of the Icebear was preceded by Lazarus, a short play by Marietta Kirkbride


By Samuel Bailey
Directed by Helena Middleton

Claire has been away. A lot. When tragedy hits The Island, she’s called back home to sort out the mess. As the elected Member of Parliament it’s kind of her job. Dropped into a maelstrom of unpredictable characters and Island life she must navigate her way through it, or end up being swallowed by the seas that are quickly creeping their way up The Island’s shores.

Islanders is a play about politics and principles, where we come from and where we want to be.

Islanders was preceded by a short play
Week one Barred by Hugh McCann
Week two Bridge by Richard Bradbury

Trip the Light Fantastic

By Miriam Battye
Directed by Nik Partridge

Once a week, in the back room of the Rec Centre, two men meet and dance. Try to. Try to get their feet and their hands and their arses in the right position. Try to find a bit of elegance, a bit of that lightness they’ve lost. Practice makes Perfect. Or at least, Practice makes Half Decent.

Jack’s body is falling to bits. Freddie’s head is. Outside of that room, they are strangers, products of different times, of different worlds. As they fumble their way through practice, the two men share their solitude, and the contents of their heads. They swear, they sweat, and find a strange sort of intimacy they didn’t know they were missing.

A play about love, about loneliness, about joy and about dancing.

Trip the Light Fantastic was preceded by a short play
Week one Gone Fishing by Oliver Gamblin
Week two A Menace by Nick Havergal


By Rose Biggin
Directed by Beth Shouler

“That’s why they call it Café Nero, you know. Because you sit and fiddle with your iPad while the world outside burns.”

For over 400 years the smell of coffee has seeped into our streets, our lives, our society.

Hub for gossip, romance, political tub thumping, dodgy deals, completing a new pitch, book clubs, a moment alone, escaping being alone - if walls could talk.

And in one coffee shop in a town just over the horizon, those walls can talk, time escapes us and those that visit the coffee house, dream in the coffee house, plot and scheme in the coffee house all vie for our attention in a beautifully nuanced, funny and poignant new play about the dark stuff.

Each evening PLUNGE was preceded by a short play
Week one Origin Story by Tom Nicholas
Week two Astronoids by Lucy Bell

National Lottery Funded