Write us a 10 minute play inspired by a gallery exhibit

Theatre West have teamed up with three wonderful art galleries around our region -

- to stage a brand new play, Gluck's Flowers by Brenda Callis, in spring next year.

But before that - in fact right now - we're asking the wonderful women writers of the west country to make an exhibition of themselves! Each of these galleries has chosen one painting or object from their collection, which they think might spark your imagination.

Click on any one of these three images below to see a larger version

a girl a trowel a roof

The Task

Choose one of the exhibits as a jumping off point to write a 10 minute audio play, we'll choose one script for each piece and produce them for the respective gallery to use. They will also be available to listen on our website. The three selected writers will each receive a fee of £200.

In order to support you in your writing you will be invited to an online writing workshop at 7.30pm on Monday 11th December with award winning writer Katie Hims who has extensive experience of writing for radio (as well as writing two plays for Theatre West!).

The deadline for final scripts will be Monday 12th February 2024.

To register for this opportunity and to get more information about 'Making an Exhibition of Yourself' just drop us an email at exhibition@theatre-west.co.uk